Sunday, February 17, 2008

#40. Go to a comedy event.

The Task: Go to a comedy event.

Progress: Completed on 2/16/08. Tim & I celebrated my sister's birthday in style this year.... it just so happens that Demetri Martin & Kyle Cease preformed locally on her birthday. The show was general admission & despite arriving a little early, the line was already backed up about a quarter-mile. When we got into the arena, we found almost no one sitting in some of the best seats... because they were bleachers instead of cushioned chairs. We decided to tough it out on the bleachers & ended up with the perfect, center-stage view!!

Kyle Cease opened the show... before tonight I knew him only as 'Bogie Lowenstein' in 10 Things I Hate About You (one of my *most* favorite movies...yes, still, to this day... the world would be a better place if everyone shared my penchant for cheesy movies!) but he's actually got several other credits to his name as well. Kyle came on stage with lots of spunk, played the crowd like a pro & got a standing ovation! Despite being the opener, he was the crowd favorite!

Please Note: Contains language that may not be acceptable for children.

The Headliner was Demetri Martin & we've watched him for a while now on Comedy Central so we were pretty excited. In addition to stand-up specials, he's also a Correspondent on The Daily Show (& he supposedly has his own show premiering later this year). Demetri's demeanor is a little more reserved than Kyle so the crowd wasn't quite as pumped... but he made up for it!! His stand-up is usually pretty musical... he brings along the guitar, harmonica & keyboard! He's also known for the 'Large Pad'. Demetri didn't disappoint tonight... we were in stiches!!!

Neither Tim nor I had ever been to a live comedy show & didn't entirely know what to expect... but it turns out this show was worth seeing & we'd definitely be open to going to another!! :o)

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