Saturday, February 16, 2008

You Never Finish

Tim & I slipped over to our alma mater yesterday to run a few errands. The main reason for going was to pick up tickets to the comedy show this weekend (...more on that later...). Both of us admitted that being back on campus after so long was a little strange. Most of the campus was just as we left it years ago, but there were *several, several* new buildings. We had fun tromping around and exploring for a while!!

This was Tim's nook during college...
most of his classes were inside the building behind him.
He could often be found on this balcony during breaks from class.

This is the path to the Honors Building.
It crosses below Tim's balcony...
every once in a while we were lucky enough to cross paths! :o)

This was my nook outside the Honors building.
The view used to just be a tiny sidewalk,
here it is now...

They've up-graded a bit since my day!

The bookstore hasn't changed a bit though...
it still looks like a parking garage.

Tim stands in front of the old library...

Although they've added a new library...
they left the bird silhouettes on the windows of the old building.

The new library is much more futuristic.

I had fun taking "artistic" pictures of it,
but I didn't really get a shot of the whole building.

You can't visit our school without stopping to see the geese...

There's an entire flock that roams the campus.

Students have learned to deal with their presence...
here you see someone giving the geese a polite 'beep'
while they napped in a parking spot.

The geese didn't seem to mind much.
They were tucked and back to sleep within seconds.

A few more shots from the day...

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