Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmi at New Years

Christmi: Plural noun meaning having more than one Christmas. (Think hippopotamus & hippopotami, and while we're on the subject... click here for one of my favorite Christmas songs.)

We pulled into Mobile just in time for lunch with Tim's parents, Will & Paul (who had *just* driven in from New Orleans). The timing couldn't have been more perfect!!

Tim & I were taken aback when Will told us,
"Christmas is about family & love."
I couldn't have said it better myself.
What an insightful Little Man!!

Kate is also chattering up a storm these days!!
We are known as Uncle 'kip' and Aunt 'amly'! :o)

We awoke one morning to Will announcing,
"You forgot to wake up, Uncle Skip! It's morning!"
He was right, it was definitely morning.
We later got retribution when we tagged along
to wake him up from an extra-long nap. ;o)

Next time you see Tim,
ask him to do his Elmo voice.

Sometimes the box is just more fun...

Although we seem to have a lack of pictures of adults from this trip (really, with those two cute kids around, who takes pictures of adults?), we did enjoy a lovely visit together! We went out to dinner & a movie with Holly & Paul while the kids stayed at home with Tim's parents (...the first movie-theater-experience for both our camps in ages...) & the next morning we awoke to delightful aromas coming from the kitchen! Tim's mom had a fabulous breakfast ready for us... broccoli-cheese quiche, mushroom quiche, bacon (for the meat-eaters), blueberry bread, & fresh fruit!! Mmmm!

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