Friday, January 4, 2008

On Laundry

  • It's confession time.
    Although I can't fully explain the reasons behind them, I have a couple irrational fears regarding washing clothes....these aren't terrifying, heart-thudding experiences, but instead the work of an overactive imagination.

    • The First Irrational Fear: When unloading wet clothes from my washer, you have to lean into it to pick them up. Every. Single. Time. my mind wanders to horrific visions! My hair tangles around the spool in the middle of the washer, the one that spins, and, well, you get the idea. I actually stop to put my hair up before doing laundry now. Morbid, yes. Crazy, quite possibly.

    • The Second Irrational Fear: Clothes are now in the dryer & it's time to start it, no problem, right? Wrong. I have to double, double check every time to make sure no cats have hopped in the dryer with the wet clothes. Why? I have some sort of crazy fear that I'll trap one inside & turn it on...I've heard stories...

  • Tim & I sometimes discuss our 'superpowers' (these are real-life tasks that we are exceptional at completing). Tim's favorite superpower is his All-Powerful Organization Ray! I have powers such as 'Teleportation' and 'Superhuman Balancing-Things-On-My-Head-And-Walking'. My latest-realized superpower? I am the Coat Hanger Avenger! By hooking coat hangers on my arms & holding some in my hands, I not only can carry crazy amounts of coat hangers (...hundreds...), but I can also use them for a shield & weapon! Watch out little-guy-that-eats-socks-from-my-washing-machine!!

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