Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas with the Kooks

Tim & I spent Christmas at home this year.
(No, this isn't our yard, but what better way to introduce a Florida Christmas than with a lighted Palm Tree??)

Sara flew in from NC on Friday...
and yes, we cooked an amazing meal together that night!
My parents & Josh arrived the next day.

During their visit, my parents unintentionally wore matching outfits twice. Is that what happens when you've been married forever... does my future hold gray Navy PT shirts & jeans??

From what I hear, Josh is doing most of the holiday driving this year... if only I could convince him to come along & chauffeur my road trips!

Seeing Christmas lights is a big deal to me ~ as a child I would exclaim, "Yummy!" when I saw them. I still get that same kind of kick out of them! We went for a stroll around the neighborhood on Christmas Eve to check out the lights. Notice the moon in the sky? It was cool...

This was the first holiday we were able to host in the dining room... thanks in large part to Tim's family! :o)

Dinner on Christmas Day was a smashing success!!

We had a great time with everyone!!
Thanks for coming y'all!! :o)

This is the 'ok-Emily-enough-pictures-it's-time-to-eat' photograph.

I had to put in at least one shot of the tree...

And what is Christmas without cats?

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