Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday morning...

The alarm went off at 7:00 this morning.

That's right 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday.


My *babies* had a doctor's appointment!

We loaded up the car and drove to our *new* vet.

Me. Tim. Sebastian with harness and leash attached in his travel box. Thomas in his travel box. Annabelle in her travel box. A folder full of cat records.

Thomas is a trooper in all settings...and quite possibly might be the perfect cat. He doesn't cry in the car and he prefers the safety of his box in the vet's office. If you open the side he might peek out once or twice, but he stays inside. His report from the vet was good. He is our only cat at the ideal weight. Believe it or not Thomas weighs about a pound more than Annabelle!

Annabelle does not like to be in her box in the car. She cries the MOST PITIFUL CRY ALL the way there. We think it would help comfort her to be in one big travel cage with Thomas. She is pretty good in her box once you get to your destination, but she would rather sit in your lap. She is an angel when you hold her at the office...she didn't mind the *big* dogs. She just looks around and waits nicely. Her report was good, although she was noted as being a little chubby.

Sebastian does not like the box either. He likes to be on the floor in the car. If he cannot get down...he starts to paw to get out and opens his mouth and pants and cries. He works himself up. BUT if you OPEN IT then he is fine. In the car he hops to the floor. In the vet's office he stays in the box and peeks his head out of the top (and back in if a dog comes into the office). Sebastian's report was good as well, but still needs to lose a pound or so. He becomes a senior this year. We had asked about a teeth cleaning based on our last vet's recommendation and this vet concurred. He had some blood work drawn today and will go back on Tuesday for the cleaning. We could hear his yelps from the exam room while they drew blood. Pour guy. They will put him under for the cleaning. It is considered a surgery.

I'm taking a personal day at work on Tuesday.

Not entirely for Sebastian...

Tim leaves very soon. I wanted to (a) spend some time with him before he leaves and (b) make sure he's packed and ready to go.

It's a BUSY time of year!

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