Sunday, May 20, 2007


For the past month the air quality around here has been seriously affected by Wildfires. These pictures were taken on May 17, 2007. That is not fog it in the air... it's smoke. You can smell it and taste it. Yuck!

On this particular day, we were not allowed to go out for recess (like you'd want to anyway) due to compromised air quality. I actually went in from taking these pictures coughing.

The smoke just hangs in the air.

It turns the sun red-orange at sunset.
Here you can see the drab gray sky.

No outdoor activities for a little while!

The birds hang out near the ground when the smoke gets bad.
You can see 4 above. Before I came outside there were about 15.

Tim and Joe had called it "white pollen,"
but it's really ash from the fires.

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