Monday, June 15, 2009

Meet the Fuzzykins

Also known as Bella-Belly (due to her penchant for laying belly up), Bella Maru (in honor of the mischievous Batz Maru), Bellatrix (after the wizardress in Harry Potter), and Bellapuff (I shouldn't even have to explain - it's all about the fuzz!).

Also known as TomCat (his name is Thomas and he's a cat - 'nuff said), Buddy Kitty (because he follows us around like our best buddy), Tom-Bomb (after the stench that comes from his litter box) and Bombas (see the previous explanation).

Also known as Sammy-Girl (obviously based on her name and gender), Samantha-Pantha (because she can be ferocious when she wants), Sam-Bone (due to the fact that her rear half kind of looks like she swallowed a ham bone) and Tasmantha (for her vocalizations... think Tasmanian Devil).

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