Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Advantages of Living Near a Airport

My parents recently took their first vacation that was just the two of them in many, many years (like since the early 90's). They went to California for ten days and in their usual style traveled all over (I was quite amazed after seeing their trip mapped out on an atlas - apparently they're better road trippers than I could ever claim to be). The best part was that they flew out of Jacksonville so they were able to visit us both before and after the trip. My brother drove them over on the way out and then stayed with us for a few days. We put him to work in the yard while he was here (thanks, Josh!). Then he drove back to pick them up last week. From the looks of the pictures my parents had a great time and we had two great visits with them in the span of a couple weeks; it was a winning situation for everyone!

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