Friday, October 24, 2008

Maybe I'll Get A Postcard

My body is ready & able, but I think my brain is on vacation today. So instead of that riveting entry on neuroscience that I had planned, I turn to my favorite subject, something that I don't really need a brain to write about... myself.

I am: industrious; open-minded; sometimes silly; vegetarian; a red headed stepchild; on my second career

I like: cats; card-making; Rockband; smoothies; people-watching; butterflies; catography

I think: at my best while alone in the car & listening to the radio

I have: a half read book on my nightstand; long layers & wispy bangs; a sticker collection

I have no: patience with adults

I wish: the world had a remote control

I hate: Gene Simmons; dirty dishes; the phone

I miss: my furball; being a kid with no responsibilities

I fear: free-falling; public speaking

I hear: a kook call - "Kooooo-kuu!"

I watch: Project Runway; anything on the Science Channel; Bill Maher; Chelsea Lately

I smell: lavender & baby powder, mixed with a little salt in the air

I crave: the fuzz (and by fuzz, I mean that which belongs to my cats); chocolate ice cream; pineapple with cheddar cheese; boiled peanuts; blackberry jam (not all at the same time)

I search: for my house keys at least 3 times a week

I wonder: how each decision I make will affect the rest of my life

I regret: nothing, in theory... except maybe the time I ran out of ice cream & decided to eat the hot fudge anyway

I love: family; cats; true friends; my house; laughter

I ache: after drumming for too long

I believe: humans are unnatural; the date revolves around sleep

I dance: to J.T. while cleaning the house

I sing: slightly off-key & really loudly

I cry: at TV shows and the occasional commercial (I get it from my mom)

I fight: my inclination to yell obscenities at people with McCain/Palin bumper stickers

I lose: hair clips; hair bands; basically anything that goes in hair

I could:
eat an entire tray of brownies by myself

I never: go on Tower of Terror

I always: type 'time' when I try to type my husband's name... then backspace the e

I confuse: affect & effect

I am scared: sometimes, I'm leaving it at that

I am happy about: my life

I can usually be found: at home with my kooky husband & our cats

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