Friday, August 22, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

As I mentioned earlier this week it's been raining a lot. In fact, most of the week has been gray & gloomy. We, of course, have Tropical Storm Fay to thank for that.... Schools here have been closed since Wednesday (yes, they started back Monday, they went Tuesday & have been out since). I was joking with Tim today about praising my job with his business - it's the first week of school & teachers are already 3 days behind in their plans!! You might be wondering why they've been closed for so long. Jacksonville's nickname is appropriately "The River City," a total of seven *major* bridges link different areas of the city together. During Hurricanes & Tropical Storms, Jacksonville officials are stationed at each of those bridges to keep a check on wind speeds. If winds reach over 40-45 mph, bridges are immediately closed. It makes it next to impossible to get across town... Duval County's focus on magnet schools pretty much ensures they'll close (9 times out of 10, anyway).

I think we got the worst of the storm last night (although CNN is reporting we'll get 5" to 15" of rain today). Our power was flickering on & off for a large portion of the night, but never actually went out. Overall, I think Fay was one of the mildest Tropical Storms I've been in.... albeit, slow moving!! The house behind ours (which is currently vacant) had a small amount of damage on their gutters, & the tree across the street seems permanently crooked. Overall, very small prices to pay... especially when you see the flooding downtown from the St. Johns River overflowing.

Notice the clouds moving?
You can actually see the bands in person.
I spoke a little soon about the worst being over...
our power has been on & off ALL DAY.

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