Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lucky Me

I received the following message from a former co-worker: "Your kiddos keep asking about you...they want you to visit. ______ actually said that since you aren't teaching, you shouldn't be busy and you have to come visit."

It's good to be loved!!! :o) I went into school yesterday for a visit and I think I was just as excited as the kids (keep in mind that this is their last week)! It was like going home... so many familiar faces & sights. It was really great to see both teachers & students alike. I'm reminded of that little part of me that misses teaching, although I absolutely *love* the work I do now. On the other hand, it also reminds me how easy it is drop in for a few hours & the volunteer coordinator (a good friend of mine) was quick to point out that she could really put me to work with some struggling readers. I now have plans to volunteer/mentor next year. Luckily, my boss (ahem... Tim) fully supports this. Can I just say how lucky I feel in my life right now. I have previously unimaginable levels of flexibility in making life exactly the way I want it to be.

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