Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kinda' Sorta' Home

As you may know, my brother has been in California for the last week & a half. Today he returned home, well, he returned to his home state at least...

The school happened to be flying into our local airport & taking a school bus the rest of the way... did I also mention that he's coming back just in time to enjoy the last half of Spring Break? After some careful planning (and a signed note from his principal) we worked out that I could pick Josh up from the airport here & he could stay with us for the rest of the week.

We were told the pickup window was about 10-15 minutes & if we weren't there, Josh would be loaded on the bus & sent home with everyone else. Determined not to miss them, Tim & I left the house bright & early this morning... despite leaving my cell phone in the rush to get out the door, we found Josh!!!

It sounds like he had a great time, but after being on west coast time & taking the red-eye home... he was too tired to tell us much! We'll have to wait to hear more! :o) I will say though, I was lucky enough to see a lot of pictures he uploaded to myspace along the way. These kids were allowed to take their cell phones & laptops with them!!! As I said before, I'm pretty jealous! He's burning me a copy of the pictures so I hope to share some... Josh is an awesome photographer!!!

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