Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Silly Commenting Policy

  • No Comment Goes Unread
    All comments are emailed to me for approval before they show up. Your comment will not appear on Kook Tales until I've approved it. I do this both so I can read & respond to comments, and also so I can make sure it's not spam (you'd be surprised what's out there).
  • Comment Etiquette
    I have no idea what comment etiqutte dictates. I try to respond to comments on Kook Tales, but - unless I neglect my life - it may not be in the most timely fashion. Just know that I appreciate any comments & will get back to you as soon possible!
  • Please Be Nice
    There are times we may disagree, and that is fine. It happens often. There are also ways to express that opinion which won’t make me cry. So please be nice & remember the golden rule.
  • I Have A DELETE Button
    Just to be clear, my comment section is a very safe and non-judgemental place to be. It is not free from censorship, however, I have a delete button and will use it if I see fit. You've been warned so please don't accuse me of oppressing you.

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