Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Earth Laughs in Flowers

(R.W. Emerson)
Tim & I are now full-fledge plant people!

We certainly don't know everything...
but the more we 'get into it' the more we 'get it.'

It's beautiful.

It's peaceful.

It's calming.

After being cooped up working in the house all day,
we love being outside for a while in the evening!
The bonus is we often get to enjoy the beauty of
our labor while we eat lunch on the back porch!
My newest *favorite* are the Petunias (we have 3 different kinds)!

Since starting to add more plants, we've seen...
countless birds & frogs, *several* butterflies, and a hummingbird!

Not to mention, lizards galore!

The hummingbird flew up RIGHT between Tim and I (within two feet of both of us!), it hovered for a minute as if to say "Thanks for the flowers, guys!" and then zoomed away!! I love having all of these creatures around! I find myself looking forward to checking up on them each day.

It's not sickly ~ It's a Red Banana Tree!
You can see why it's 'red' from the bottom of the leaves.

We want to get the fence in...
and then get these plants in the ground!

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