Tuesday, July 10, 2007

2 Kooks + 2 Years = 4 Ever

I ask you....
How well do you *really* know Tim & I?
I created a little quiz in celebration of our 2nd anniversary so you can find out for yourself! I know I'm a nerd...but what do teachers do best?
Name That Kook!

'Tim' or 'Emily' answers each question below.
The answers are posted as a comment so keep track of your guesses!
  1. Which kook worked for the Census 2000?
  2. Which kook has been to Europe?
  3. Which kook lived next to the Captain of the Enterprise?
  4. Which kook spent a week solo on business in Chicago?
  5. Which kook worked at a theme park?
  6. Which kook was a foreign exchange student?
  7. Which kook has seen Dave Matthews play twice?
  8. Which kook met Muhammad Ali?
  9. Which kook has been inside the White House?
  10. Which kook has a higher Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game score?

Timily Ever After...


Emily said...

Now for the answers...

1. Emily worked for the Census 2000.
It was not bad pay...

2. Tim traveled to Europe with his family B.E. (before Emily).
They flew into Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany and explored London!

3. Tim lived next to the Captain of the Enterprise.
Not the one out of Star Trek, but the real deal! The Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise!!

4. Emily went to Chicago for a week last year for business.
I attended the International Reading Association's Annual Conference. It was amazing!

5. Tim worked at a theme park before college.
He was quickly promoted and became (at the time) the youngest ever 'Senior Area Supervisor' for the Busch Corporation.

6. Emily was a foreign exchange student in high school.
I lived with two host families in Mexico. One in Cuernavaca and one in Acapulco. My family also hosted an exchange student from Mexico!

7. Tim has seen Dave Matthews play two times.
Once in Tampa and once in Blaksburg.

8. Emily met Muhammad Ali.
He came to my middle school in 8th grade. I happened to be walking by while changing classes...

9. Tim has been inside the White House.
I've stood outside, even seen good-ole Bill wave from his limo window, but I've never been inside!

10. EMILY has a higher Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle video game score!
That's right... betcha thought it was Tim!

If you're brave enough, feel free to post your score!!

Anonymous said...

I missed one. The one about the Dave Matthews band. First instinct was Tim then I changed to Emily. Should have stuck with my first instinct. MOM

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