Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mystery Bulbs

When my mom came to visit back in March, she helped me get motivated to do some badly needed repotting! Among the plants were some dried out bulbs that otherwise would have been trash-bound.

She asked what they were...I remembered buying them last year, but couldn't tell you their name for the life of me! Sadly they had been sitting in the soil becoming ever drier since late November when it got too cold for them.

We dug the bulbs up and replanted them, not really sure if they would ever resurface. I now have 5 of these wonderfully exotic looking flowers!!

The Oyster Plants are still thriving too!
They are enjoying the daily 3:00 p.m Florida showers.

*Yay* Mom! :o)


Cold Spaghetti said...


Does your Mom want to come to New Orleans? I need some motivation to move geraniums into the back and plant some petunias! :-)

Anonymous said...

I didn't remember you having sago palms in your yard. Where are they, fron or back? The mystery bulbs are pretty. Keep up the good work. MOM

Emily said...

We only have 3 little Sagos, but they are our favorites! They're in the front bed... you have to walk past them to get in the door! :o)

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