Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Our friend, Bobbi, sent us home from her house last week with a *beautiful* lily stalk!

Saying Bobbi has a green thumb is an understatement.
Her yard is like a nursery with beautiful, exotic plants in every nook.

Now our whole kitchen smells like a fresh flower!

The lily has flowered all week and still has three or four blooms waiting to blossom!

Thomas and Annabelle hopped up to see what all the commotion was about when I was taking pictures. Thomas looks a little uppity because he *knows* he's not suppose to be on the counter. Annabelle knows, but doesn't care.

When they realized that I kept taking pictures (...and didn't freak out at them for being on the counter...), they relaxed a little. I came to the conclusion that taking pictures of two cats who don't want to get into trouble is pretty hard.
They WOULD NOT look at me and the camera.

I finally shooed them down (and yes, thoroughly cleansed the counters of kitty-butt.)

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