Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LEGOs, World Domination, and Beach Boys

Yes, I'm still catching up on holiday posts. One day I'll be on top of blogging but, as you and I both know, today is not that day. Tim & I headed out to see his parents for New Years at the beginning of the month! We arrived on New Year's Eve just a couple hours before the ball dropped. Our trip was filled with LEGOs (legi?), world domination games, and a Beach Boys concert... talk about starting the New Year out on the right foot!

If you ever wondered where Tim gets his knack for organization, rest assured he comes by it naturally. Before assembly started the LEGOs were sorted according to color. :o)

The piles didn't last very long however, we put together the entire Winter Toy Shop before breakfast the next morning.

Tim & I laughing at the LEGO-boy, it's a bit of an inside joke from our apartment-living days.

The next day Tim and his dad pulled out their old Axis & Allies game and the quest for world domination commenced.

I actually got several *very humorous* videos of their global conquests. They stayed up well into the wee hours of the morning battling over territories.

The next day I wore the shirt seen above. Upon seeing me that morning, Tim immediately requested that he be allowed to take a picture of me sitting in this chair. He quote was, "Where'd you go? I can't see you anymore." He's a funny guy that husband of mine.
The plan was to go see The Beach Boys play that day. Tim's parents went to see them perform a couple years ago and really enjoyed it. The concert may or may not have prompted me to edit my Freebie List to include John Stamos, who is known to periodically play with The Beach Boys. It was an edit that sadly went unfulfilled as he wasn't there on this particular night. Despite the lack of Uncle Jesse, it was still a great show!!

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