Monday, January 18, 2010

The Invasion: Another Belated Holiday Post

My school district plans "weather days" into the calendar to compensate for time that might be lost to hurricanes during the year. These day are strategically placed around the holidays for dual purposes: for one, the days can be made up before state testing in the spring and, secondly, if there are no days lost to hurricanes we get an extended Winter Break. Since this year was lite on hurricanes in our area, we had the extended break! :o) All of this meant that I got out of school a week and a half before Christmas (I'm currently knocking on wood that next year we will be so lucky). That extra time came in handy because, as my mom said, "The Invasion" was set to begin on Christmas Eve (I mentioned before, our house is in-between my parents and my sister so to save on everyone's travel time this year we hosted Christmas).

We spent the week before Christmas having a non-stop cleaning marathon. The result was that our house was just as spotless as when we moved in almost four years ago. We were as ready as we could possibly be for The Invasion. My parents and Josh arrived on Christmas Eve (complete with an entire grocery store's worth of food packed into their truck - SCORE!). I gratefully turned my kitchen over to them for holiday cooking - have I mentioned that parents are the best? Sara and Dan arrived Christmas day (complete with an entire closet full of clothes for me to go through and "shop" - DOUBLE SCORE!).

Christmas was great. We visited, played games, and generally lounged around. It was awesome!! The day after Christmas we loaded up and headed to Fort Clinch for a little family excursion.

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Elliot said...

....and a GREAT time was had by ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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