Monday, December 21, 2009

Notes from Beyond

Tim went to college a few semesters before me. We affectionately refer to this time as his "BE" life (i.e. before Emily). During that time, he had three buddies that were like brothers to him - Charlie, Duane, and Damien. From the stories I've heard they had a lot of fun in those days. Eventually the group spread out and moved all over the state, but every once in a while when they were in town they'd meet up for a "boys' night". Each time they got together it was like no time had past, even as girlfriends (and later wives...) were added to the mix. A couple weeks ago, Charlie got married. It was a gorgeous ceremony right on the St. Johns River. Afterward Charlie and his bride sent a very nice thank you note that included a CD of pictures from our wedding.

Charlie, Tim, and Duane at our wedding.

As I was flipping through the pictures, I found one particular picture that might just be my new favorite. We were suppose to have the ceremony outside next to a gazebo. The wedding was held in July (i.e. the middle of hurricane season) and as it turns out there was a hurricane brewing across the state (which ended up dumping several feet of water under my parents house). Due to winds from this hurricane, the ceremony ended up being moved indoors. We still got pictures next to the gazebo (like the one that's been up for ages on the Kook Tales sidebar). They turned out beautifully, but in a couple of the shots you could see the wind blowing my skirt, crinoline and all, backwards. The picture below is now one of my favorites from the day. While most of our wedding pictures are reminders of how wonderfully perfect the day was, this one immediately took me back to that moment in time, imperfections and all.
Emily & Tim, July 2005

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