Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tim!

The celebrations in our house continue. Thankfully, this year Tim's birthday has been much less eventful than last year. He got up and finished up work for the day and then we spent a relaxing afternoon at home together. Instead of a boring-ole two layer cake, he actually got two one layer cakes this year - one strawberry and one chocolate.

And now, in celebration of his 31 years on Earth, I give you 31 random facts about my husband:

31. Every year we go through the same conversation on his birthday; I wish him a happy insert-number-here birthday and he claims he's a year younger than he actually is. After I show him the math, he concedes.

30. He has a collection of Calvin and Hobbes books which he can relate to almost any life event.

29. He makes himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch almost everyday.

28. Whenever I'm reading a Harry Potter book, he walks around the house for several hours saying, "'Arry 'Otter" in his best British accent and as loudly as he can.

27. He's very good at the guitar, self-taught, and can figure out how to play almost any song by ear. In college, friends used to sit around and name off random songs trying to stump him, it rarely worked.

26. He has one favorite dish at every restaurant we go to and he always orders it... for example, at our Mexican place he always orders the Enchilada Supreme; at the Loop he always gets a Loop and Cheddar.

25. He wears his knee brace almost all the time. I call it his Bionic Knee.

24. His favorite meal is steak with mushrooms and mashed potatoes. If you ask him if he wants a vegetable with that, he'll say "ehhh" so I'm guessing that's a no.

23. He has two 'man caves'. One has his weight bench and gym equipment. The other is filled with Star Wars and anime toys, most of which are unopened.

22. He loves watching The Penguins of Madagascar on Nickelodeon.

21. Every time we go on a trip, he uses the drive as an excuse to get fast food. Every. Time. It's like his reward for listening to my multi-hour-sing-along-marathons.

20. He'd leave every light in the house on if it were up to him. He calls me a vampire because I'm constantly turning lights off.

19. He purposely does things to embarrass me when I make him go shopping with me. He'll talk extra loud and say things like, "Did you see the lady eating Pringles in the middle of the isle back there?!" (to be fair, there was a lady eating Pringles in the middle of the isle).

18. He almost always forgets to turn his alarm off on Fridays so it wakes us up on Saturday morning (we need one for him that you can set for Monday through Friday).

17. He is a self-proclaimed WWII Aviation Enthusiast.

16. He can name almost any plane or helicopter that flies by.

15. He has a thing for cartoon women... Betty Rubble, Marge Simpson, Lois from Family Guy, anime girls, you name it.

14. He has a collection of almost 20 gray Navy PT shirts and sweatshirts.

13. His favorite band is Radiohead.

12. He actually enjoys reading text books. While I'm curled up with some good fiction before bed, he's reading about history or science from a text book.

11. He made most of the art in our house and especially likes making 3-D abstract pieces.

10. In college he collected candy wrappers for aforementioned art (everything from Starburst to Rolo wrappers).

9. His favorite video game on the computer is Civ.

8. His favorite video game on the xbox is Halo.

7. The clothes in his closet are separated by color (all the white t-shirts together, all the gray t-shirts together, all the jeans together, all the kackis together, etc).

6. He truly believes Disney is the happiest place on Earth and his favorite ride is the People Mover.

5. He does most of the dirty work in our house all by himself and without me having to ask - he changes the cat litter and also cleans up the occasional hair-ball.

4. He's a big history buff and actually tutored many people in college. Our friends would also invite him over before a big test and let him tell them all about whatever era they were studying. This was fun for him.

3. He's also a science buff - he can discuss String Theory for hours on end.

2. He's a cat person.

1. He's my total opposite, but also my best friend!


Anonymous said...

What a nice blog!!! I enjoyed this very much. MOM

Anonymous said...

LOved the cakes too!!!!

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