Friday, July 10, 2009

Four More Years!

Tim & I have now been married for 4 years, together for 5 years before that. That amount of time seems crazy - it simultaneously feels like the blink of an eye and forever.

In memory of our first married days together, here's the story of how our marriage almost ended right after it began:

We left on our honeymoon the week after our wedding. The goal was to drive down to Ft. Lauderdale, board the cruise boat and be on our way for a week of fun and no worries. The trip should have taken between 5 and 6 hours so the morning of our departure we were sure to leave plenty of time to get there. On the ride down we got STOPPED on the interstate due to, not one, but two accidents along the way. We ended up being almost 2 hours behind what we should have (i.e. cutting it very close). I'll be honest, the mood in our car was quite tense.

As we got into the area of the cruise terminal, we were both super stressed and afraid that we'd miss the boat, literally. Tim was driving like a maniac and I was on the phone with the cruise people trying to explain that we'd be arriving at any second. They were adamant in telling us that the boat could not be held for individual passengers and that if we didn't arrive in time we'd have to fly (at our own expense) to the first port of call to catch the boat there. We completely understood the cruise policy, but it only added to the seriously stressful mood in the car. As we pulled up, the cruise folks had several people waiting on the curb to take our bags and valet park our car so that we'd be able to make it on-board in time. Without their helpfulness, we wouldn't have made it. We ran aboard just in time and were actually standing right there when they pulled in the gangplank behind us. In that second, our mood shifted from incredible tension to complete euphoria. So, yeah, thank you cruise people, you saved our marriage!

We made it!!!

Our knight in shining armor
(i.e. the man who scurried us aboard)

Then we immediately called everyone we knew!

Finally relaxing!

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