Sunday, July 26, 2009

Farewell Friend

Remember I said that we took the TIE Fighter in for what we thought was just a coolant leak? Yeah, well, we clearly don't know very much about cars. It turns out that it had a "blown head gasket" (whatever that is). We were quoted a price that we couldn't justify paying. Without fixing it, the car has a limited number of days and could basically breakdown at any time. Tim was quite upset at hearing that his TIE Fighter was on its way out. When I say upset, I mean devastated... he moped. This was the car that he brought to college, the one that took us on our very first dates and the one that got us to our honeymoon on time. It wasn't until after he talked to his dad about it that he could actually hold an entire conversation without mourning the car. We decided to sell it. Tim's only request was to have one last photo shoot.

RIP TIE Fighter

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