Saturday, June 20, 2009

I need to wake up at what time?

This past week was suppose to be my first full week of vacation, instead it was spent sitting in a conference. Needless to say when I learned that I'd be there, I was less than thrilled (I actually had to wake up EARLIER than I would have for school). As it turns out, however, it was quite an inspirational week. The presentations were motivating, the content was tangible and the presenters were knowledgeable. Overall it was worth the sacrifice.

Some non-academic highlights from the week:
  • Upon arrival on Day 1 we found baskets of supplies on each table. As each table explored their new-found basket of fun, you could hear gasps and squeals all over the room. This was in response to the new packaging design for Post-its. Instead of the "gum-wrapper" opening style, they now have a perforated line down the middle and you simply bend the pack which rips the plastic along the perforation. While this may not sound thrilling to you... we teachers were abuzz with excitement!
  • Don't you just love swag?! I got free books(!), a lunch box, a blanket (don't ask... they had something written up about how teachers were like blankets), a flash drive along with some random office supplies, and a bag to carry it all. Score!
  • Most teaching conferences don't serve lunch, and if they do it usually leaves much to be desired. This conference not only served lunch, but also breakfast... and it was delicious (and also vegetarian friendly). I was beyond spoiled for the entire week!! My first day home, I tried to convince Tim that I needed my breakfast buffet pronto and lunch should be served promptly at 11:15. He handed me a PB&J sandwich and mumbled something under his breath.

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