Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Car Troubles

I've been saving my errands for Sundays lately. I find it's easier to spend Saturday doing chores around the house and finishing anything that needs to be done for the upcoming week at school. Then I wake up Sunday morning knowing that I only have one objective - errands. I'm much more motivated to finish them early knowing that the rest of the day is mine to be spent however I'd like (usually this involves at least one movie, kicking some Marble-butt on xBox and then a little reading in the evening). This Sunday, less than an hour after waking up, I was ready to set out to do those typical errands. My trip consisted of the pet store, the grocery store, the bank and then home. The pet store only took about 15 minutes (it would have been less but I spent a few extra minutes chatting up the sales staff and coo-ing over their cats up for adoption). When I returned to the car to drop my bags, my mind was calculating that maybe I'd be able to make it home within the hour. Then I went to start the car... nothing. I sat for a few minutes in disbelief and tried it again. Still nothing. At that point I called Tim to come get me and then went into the grocery store to finish errands (luckily everywhere I was going was located in in one giant shopping center). By the time he came to get me, I was finished with what needed to be done and he took me home. We got the car looked at and it turns out the battery had a "bad cell"... very good news considering the alternative would mean a problem with the alternator. It's fixed now and all is back to normal.

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