Sunday, May 3, 2009

The First Post of Spring

Following Tim's surgery last year, we kind of let the yard go. I'm very proud to say that we've spent a lot of time getting it back into shape the past couple weeks and are finally reaping the rewards. Once we made ourselves get back out there, we remembered why we enjoy it so much... it's some of the best quality time that we have together. There is no work, cell phones, video games, television, etc to distract us and honestly it requires a lot of teamwork to get things done. Among the changes, we pulled up the lantana from around the trees and consolidated it into the front bed. We also planted the magnolia trees (they're quite small so calling them trees is a stretch). Then we moved some of the flowering plants from the backyard into the front for a little more color. In added bonus, remember the mama Plover from last year? She's back and seems to be nesting again!!!

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