Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break Adventures

The last weekend of my Spring Break, Tim & I slipped over to Shell Point to visit my parents (it also happened to be my mom's birthday!). Since the previous week was full of overcast skies and stormy weather, we were pleasantly surprised at the beautiful weather on Saturday. We, of course, took advantage of that and spent some time out on the boat! The boat just gotten it's annual check-up (it's cared for it as well as us kids), so we had to go to the ramp to drop it in the water before heading out. The ramp was a bit crowded when we arrived (for those who may find themselves in a situation like this in the future and don't know yet, boat etiquette dictates that you launch/load your boat and then get out of the way... apparently not everyone got this important lesson before being allowed to purchase a boat. Its pretty lame to sit waiting on others who are all loaded up but continue to lallygag around in front of the ramp... that's my opinion anyway). Once we got in the water, it was a great afternoon! We came home quite hungry (being on the boat for the afternoon will do that to you) and enjoyed dinner at one of the few restaurants around Shell Point that cater to vegetarians. As usual I came home with well over 200 pictures. I tried to choose a few to post, but it was too hard... so I'm posting a bunch!

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