Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bad Habits are Hard to Break

One of the things that I definitely took for granted while living with my parents and in the college dorms was having all my meals made by someone else. I didn't even realize the work that can go into meal planning and preparation until I had to start doing it all for myself... I now fantasize about having a personal chef!! I'd even consider entering into a plural marriage if it meant that someone else would do all of the cooking (the cleaning would be nice too). As things stand, I cook almost every meal. From time to time, usually when Tim sees that I'm not feeling well or I'm super stressed about something, he cooks dinner. But usually it's either me cooking or a "fend for yourself" kind of night. On those nights that we fend for ourselves, Tim relishes in having meat (something I don't cook). His latest favorite is actually tuna. It's quick, easy & there are many things that he can do with it. He makes a mean tuna casserole-type-thing that he likes a lot. The downside is that he's not the only one who likes it... the cats are especially intrigued by this dish as well. As a result, they have an increased interest in the kitchen in general. It started slowly - at first they'd come running whenever they saw a can - but now it's to the point that anytime you cook anything, they not only come running, but they try to hop up on the counters and sniff around. Keep in mind that these cats never had any interest in "people food" until the past few weeks. Although Tim insists that it's cute, I maintain it's a bad habit and it's annoying. It's not that I don't relish in every bit of attention that our cats give us, it's just that somewhere deep in my esophagus I think I have a hairball building up.

Thomas checking out the cabinet after it was left open.


Unknown said...

My husband gets really irritated on the "fend for yourself nights." He doesn't think a grilled cheese and soup is a real dinner. When he complains about nights like that, I want to kick him in the shins. Sometimes, I just need a night off, you know???

Be thankful for the tuna fish.

Emily said...

You're totally right - Tim used to head straight for fast food if I told him I wasn't cooking, I guess I should just be thankful he's cooking something. Oh, and grilled cheese & soup is definitely a real dinner! :o)

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