Friday, March 6, 2009

Traveling Kooks

Tim & I made the trip to Mobile the weekend before last. Often when we travel it's a little stressful because we're dealing with working on the road, but not this time. We finished most of our work before we left and were able to enjoy some down time with his parents. We did a little puzzle-building, ate some great home-cooked meals, and just generally got away from the daily grind for the weekend! We also got to see Tim's dad's new office space (I think it's funny because if you hear Tim tell the story of moving furniture from the house to the office, the "big heavy credenza" might as well have been a mountain but it was no big deal to his dad). We also drove to New Orleans for a day-trip on Sunday with Tim's dad (his mom wasn't feeling well and stayed home to rest up). Driving into NOLA is an eye-full and we're always amazed at how many reminders of Katrina still remain. Upon arriving Holly & Paul treated us to an awesome breakfast and a tour of the on-going renovations to their 100 year old house (the addition looks amazing!). We were also introduced to the Wii (and were promptly put in our place when we both got whooped by Will)! Kate was talking up a storm and went through her school notebook, telling about her paintings and pictures of her class. It was super cute!!!

Our trip happened to correlate with two things (both equally awesome): Mardi Gras & a visit from Tim's childhood best friend and his girlfriend (more on that later). This was the first Mardi Gras experience for both of us. The parade route is literally just a couple blocks from Holly & Paul's house so we had a home base & a bathroom (which we learned are both very important things to have access to). Since we were lucky enough to be with locals, we were given a brief run-down of Mardi Gras etiquette before leaving - the eye contact, the nod, the throw and the thumbs up. Finally we got bundled up (it was cold!) and headed out for the parade. We were especially amazed to watch Paul's catching skills, all while he was balanced on the ladder-seat-thingy. Tim & I were not so brave, we stayed planted on the ground & caught our throws from there. The picture above shows Will's most coveted catch... a sword! He was very proud of it and literally wore it for the rest of the day. We spent much of the afternoon resting up and looking forward to meeting up with Matt and Sarah later in the day.

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