Monday, March 9, 2009

I didn't think it'd happen quite this fast...

I was activated to start subbing last week and called my old principal to let her know I was available - she put me to work the very next day! I've said before that going into my old school is like going home and its so true. I walked into the building to a barrage of hugs and smiles. There are, of course, many new faces but I knew I was home.

It turns out the same day I started, they found out that the teacher I was subbing for will be out indefinitely on medical leave. She asked if I could fill in until she gets back and, of course, I agreed! After a rocky first day (the teacher is on short-term disability right now and left rather abruptly so there were no sub plans, it took a little while to figure out the schedule & routines for her class), but I found my grove again on the second day and things went quite smoothly. By Friday, I was feeling very sure that I wanted my own classroom again so I talked to the principal first thing that morning. She was quite happy to hear this! On the spot, she basically offered me a job to begin immediately. After talking with Tim on the phone, I accepted and called HR to find out what needed to be done. She came into class about 8:30 that morning and let me know that she had also called HR and that I was on the "fast-track" to get my paperwork through district. As soon as the paperwork is cleared, I'll be back again as a full-time teacher. Whoa!! :o)

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