Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It hurts... deep down, it really hurts

I'm not sure if this is a real training video (although the YouTube account that posted it says it is), but I find it to be quite insulting.

The video instructs Game Stop employees on how to talk to women. They divide women into two categories: the "Deer-in-Headlights" (i.e someone who is so lacking in knowledge of video games that they are immediately overwhelmed just by walking into the store) and "The Hunter" (someone who is going in to search for one particular game, which they were probably instructed to get by their child or husband, and basically block out everything else in the store). Their recommendations for dealing with these rogue women shoppers include "a personal approach, good listening and knowledgeable suggestions delivered in a friendly, unassuming way." Seriously, Game Stop? It seems to me that the video should be encouraging those recommendations for shoppers of both genders.

Just so you know, there are lots of gamer chicks out there that actually *gasp* know something about video games. They know the titles that they like, they know when the release dates are and, yes, they are card-carrying Edge members who read Game Informer every month. I know many of these women because I play with them online almost everyday. As one of them, I'm rather insulted that Game Stop believes any woman walking into their store couldn't possible know anything about video games. And furthermore, that women would only begin to care if they could lose weight or get a free subscription to a magazine that will turn their brain to complete mush.

Personally, I'm quite shocked. The fact is, my local store actually treats me like... a human, one that happens to like to play video games. That is, no differently than they treat the hoards of males that frequent their store on a daily basis. So Game Stop, what's with the corporate-instituted sexism????

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