Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas in the Mountains

Tim & I are back from our holiday travels and are super excited about the New Year (good riddance 2008, you suck)!! I was lacking in the holiday cheer department last year so I'm hoping to eventually cram it all in...

In the first leg of our holiday travels, we drove up to North Carolina. My family was up there for my sister's graduation (YAY SARA!) and got a cabin on Powder Horn Mountain near Boone. It's a wonder that Tim & I made it alive... those mountain roads were pretty ominous to two Floridians driving after dark (I had flashbacks to Space Mountain, age 6).

The cabin was adorable, made you feel like you were miles from everything and was perfect for lounging around with family. There were games to be played, deer to spot, old home movies to watch, and sibling pandemonium around every corner! The first day was a bit foggy (our own white Christmas of sorts), but it cleared up shortly after and revealed absolutely wonderful views! I also thoroughly enjoyed spending time in the Hot Tub (although my dad & brother were the only others brave enough to get in; everyone else preferred to stay bundled up) and the night sky was so clear that star-gazing was an added bonus!

I also learned a lot about ladybugs. They apparently like to make winter homes in cabins made out of lighter colored wood. The first day, I thought the ladybugs were cute. After two days of them being everywhere (they numbered in the thousands), they didn't look so cute! I know they're suppose to be good luck, but sometimes I think a little luck can go a long way... One last bonus of the trip was that the family got to meet my sister's boyfriend, Dan (the one she's been practically inseparable from in recent months despite living 3 hours away from each other). The report is all good - he held up quite well in our kooky family!! He was very nice, plays xbox and even got Sara playing boardgames *gasp*. Most importantly, they seemed very happy together! All around it was a very fun adventure and a great chance to catch up!!

Powder Horn Mountain

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