Monday, December 15, 2008

Number One

It's fairly common knowledge that Jacksonville is the largest city (by land area) in the contiguous United States, but it seems the city now has a new claim to fame... as the #1 Least Lustful City in America. Quality Health News just released a list of the "10 Most Sexually Active Cities in America" accompanied by the "10 Least Lustful Cities." Their findings were based on Census birth rates, Nielsen data on contraceptive sales, CDC birth and fertility rates, sales of sex books on Amazon and sales from nationwide "erotica outlets" (click the link above to see if your city was ranked too).

I find the fact that Jax is the number one prudish city to be quite interesting since it was set to be home to the movie industry until Hollywood took over in the 1920s (read more about Jacksonville's film history). For whatever reason, that made me (incorrectly) think the residents might be a little more progressive towards sexuality. It also makes me wonder what the movie industry would be like if it were still the hub... would today's entertainment be more uptight or would the residents be more liberal?

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