Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Decidedly Positive

The following are reasons why the year 2008 is my least favorite:

  • our cat died
  • my husband had to have surgery
  • the a/c broke (both units!!)
  • our truck won't start
  • his cell phone is still broken
  • our hot water heater is broken
I'm beginning to wonder if one of us unknowingly walked under a ladder, broke a mirror & opened an umbrella indoors.... all on the same day. Saying we are stressed is an understatement. We've both lost weight, probably due to the extra calories we burn up worrying (most would be happy to drop a couple pounds, but honestly Tim & I need every pound we've got). Talking to a friend (who was acting as a pseudo-counselor) last night, we were reminded to "think positively & positive things will happen." Wise advice! So today, I'm sending positive thoughts out into the Universe:
  • I am happy because anything we go through, we go through together.
  • I am happy because we have family & friends that love us unconditionally & support us in whatever we do.
  • I am happy because we have our cats to remind us what's really important in life.
  • I am happy because we have a beautiful house in a great neighborhood that we wouldn't trade for anything (does anyone else hear Talking Heads when you read this bullet?)
  • I am happy because we both work in a job that we love & it allows us to be at home together & exercise our creativity.
  • I am happy because we have electricity.
  • I am happy because my birthday is next week.
  • I am happy because our problems, for the most part, are temporary.
  • I am happy because we're still breathing.
  • I am happy because we get to see family for the holidays.
  • I am happy because a stranger, out of the blue, gave me a compliment last week.
  • I am happy because I know we are blessed with so many good things in life that it’s ridiculous not to be.
One more - I am happy because Joe sent us this:

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