Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still Alive... an overdue update

The author of 'Still Alive' sings it live in concert... on Rockband!
  • Tim's doctor's appointments continue, but he can now drive himself - for which I'm so very thankful!! Last week, I was left home alone for THE FIRST TIME since before his surgery. I was so excited for the peace & quiet that I sat in silence the *entire* time... no music, no TV, no phone, no talking. This is somewhat unusal for me. You see, I'm often the noise-maker in our house. Sometimes a self-proclaimed babbling brook... as a child I even talked to my reflection in car windows. If you didn't know me well you'd never guess, but my closest friends know all to well. When Tim first met my childhood best friend, they had at least a five minute discussion (finishing each others sentences & everything) about how there's no stopping it, whatever is on my mind comes out... be it random & trivial or hugely profound. Anyhow, my quiet time was very enjoyable!
  • In stark contrast to the previous bullet - Rockband 2 came out a little while ago. I got it a couple days after it's release. My favorite addition, besides the 80-something new songs & improved online Touring, is the freestyle option. And, by the way, I'm seriously coveting this.
  • Shortly after I got Rockband, our AC went out! The first day I sweated through many songs in a 95 degree house, but luckily the weather turned cooler & now we don't even need the AC on.
  • We had our sliding glass door open letting the breeze in. We are usually *very* careful to keep the screen door shut & locked. This night, however, we had been in & out the back door and must have forgotten to lock it. Apparently, Bella Maru, the ringleader of mischief, took advantage of this opportunity. As I walked into the kitchen to get a drink, I noticed the screen was open & immediately started yelling for Tim.We had no idea who was in the house & who wasn't, so we ran outside, barefoot & in our pajamas, with flashlights and shaking treats like manics. It turns out both Thomas & Annabelle were somewhere in the backyard. They were so scared by our antics that they bolted back to the screen door, one of them knocking over a plant on the way. I had closed the screen in hopes of keeping in any cats still in the house. They were essentially trapped between a closed screen & some frantic person running up with a bobbing ray of light... Annabelle flipped out and tried to run while Thomas looked like a deer caught in headlights. I got the screen open & Thomas shot inside. Annabelle hid under a chair until I wrangled her inside. The whole time, Sam was safely napping up in our room, completely oblivious to the commotion downstairs.
  • In other news, Tim & I ventured down to Central Florida to attend a friend's celebration of 13 years in business. We were treated to great conversation & a wonderful dinner. Since we work from home & it's just us two most of the time, it's always energizing to get together with our friends & business associates.
  • And finally, Tim got his voter id card in the mail this week. I rode him for weeks and weeks about getting this done and, although he almost waited until the last minute, it's done.

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