Monday, September 29, 2008

Just don't make it a habit...

"xBox will be offline for 24 hours on September 29th for updates."

It was somewhat surreal at first but then the reality began to sink in: "Really?!? They'd cut us all off, I mean, just like that - offline!?!" I began to exuded panic and confusion while also keeping enough coherence to plot exactly how I'd make Microsoft pay for the lost hours. Tim, on the other hand, got very calm and quiet. He seemed to withdraw into his own mind: "They've done it before... there's nothing you can do, nothing but wait..."

I felt like I was trapped in that South Park Episode, but I was determined to call their bluff. I played and waited for it... a part of me in denial that the time would actually come. But sadly, 5 minutes after they said it would happen, it did - xBox went offline. Over 200,000 players booted off Halo 3 alone.

I'm pretty sure most held candle-lit vigils directly following the blackout.

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