Monday, August 18, 2008

The Rumors about us being Encompassed by a Gigantic Sinkhole are False

Last week went something like this...
Monday: breakfast, Physical Therapy, work, lunch, work, dinner, work, bed
Tuesday: breakfast, work, Doctor's Office, lunch, work, dinner, work, bed
Wednesday: breakfast, Physical Therapy, work, lunch, work, dinner, Project Runway, bed
Thursday: breakfast, work, rejoice (no appts!), work, lunch, work, dinner, video games, bed
Friday: Physical Therapy, breakfast, work, lunch, work, dinner, relax (TGIF!), bed

My commentary...
We can't complain about being busy with work (that is a good thing, after all)... but these non-stop doctor's appointments are somewhat frustrating. We lost at least 8 hours last week. Our job offers us so much flexiblilty, but at the same time, there is no escape from it... when our personal time is spent sitting in the doctor's office during the day, we have to work through our normal 'off' hours. During this catch up on work, we neglected the cleanliness of our house - that's right, it was a mess! In a mere week it went from being semi-suitable for Joe's visit to a COMPLETE and TOTAL disaster area!

Last weekend went something like this...
Saturday: sleep late, breakfast, play w/ cats, call mom, watch movie, lunch, play Rockband, all-in-all do nothing, dinner, bed
Sunday: breakfast, laundry, pick up the house, dishes, laundry, shopping, dishes, entertain friends, laundry, garbage/cat litter (yuck!), relax, go to bed

My Commentary...
Saturday was a much needed day of nothing-ness, and Sunday was a much needed day of catching up (and yes, we really did have that much dishes & laundry).

In the end, I think we're starting Monday surprisingly on track!

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