Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Whiny Wendy's Venting Session

When I taught first grade, one of the literary terms we covered every year was alliteration. Somewhat as a result of this, various nicknames came about over the years that were used to a) help cement the concept of alliteration with students, and b) playfully redirect unwanted behaviors. These included imaginary characters like Sassy Sam, Bossy Betty, Mischievous Marvin (sometimes the name would change to match a student's gender). Today, I'm feeling a little like Whiny Wendy...

  • I'm sick. It's just a cold, nothing major, but I'm stuffed up like a teddy bear & I feel sluggish.
  • I miss my Sebastian Cat even more when I don't feel good.
  • Doctors appointments are a doozy! Between two offices & all the reschedulings, I think we've had about 15 different appointment times.
  • Tim's being a very good patient and he's recovering well, but being on crutches makes life harder - period. And having one less set of hands around the house is, quite honestly, no fun. You may remember our system of household verbs... for now Tim does what he can. I think I might actually do a cartwheel when he can change the cat litter again!!!
  • Tim may have some sort of curse that's inflicted on his medical care providers. The doctor that did his surgery... went on vacation in Canada the next week, long story short, broke his ankle and had to fly home for insurance to cover his medical care. Also, the morning of his first Physical Therapist appointment, we were in the car about 10 minutes away from the office, when we got a call that his Therapist had some sort of emergency and couldn't make it in. (Since today's appointment went seamlessly, I'm hoping the timing of these two events were just a coincidence).
  • We got a letter from the homeowners association last week requesting we please mown/edge our yard. Between the doctors appointments, weekend visitors, shopping, cleaning & cooking - I hadn't even taken note of the yard. It was out of control. Luckily, our good buddies came over for the afternoon & helped us out! Thank you, guys! :o)

    Overall we truly don't have that much to whine about, but that felt really good to get out.

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