Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Almost Birthday

Tim & I planned to come home before the 8th
so we started celebrating his birthday a little early.

This celebration included a *huge* cake!

When Tim's mom asked Will what kind of cake
it should be, he thought a moment & responded,
"I know! STAR WARS!"
Does he know his Uncle or what?

We also sung a beautiful rendition of
Happy Birthday, Uncle Skip!!

His parents got him a driving set-up
for the X-box and his favorite driving game!

Tim has been super excited lately because his dad recently
got a game system & they're set up to play online together!

Everyone took their turns & got some laughs driving.

I think this picture sums it up...
adults strewn across the floor & Will at the controls! :o)

Afterwards there was a home fireworks show, complete with sparklers! Tim found fireworks in the grocery store the week before we left & couldn't resist. The sparklers were actually left over from our wedding & have been a tradition ever since.

Kate was a little young for the sparklers,
but these feet Holly got were quite the hit with her!

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