Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tricks of the Trade

During the two years since moving into our house, I've honestly struggled to keep the cooktop clean. Between the cooking-entity that is Timily, having cats, & a friend living with us for a year... we did a number on the surface. Let me preface this by saying, on our final walk-through of the house we were given a rundown of the appliances. The stove came with strong warnings not to use any harsh chemicals to clean it. Glass Cleaner was surely acceptable for touch-ups, right? Nope, not even Glass Cleaner. Cooktop Cleaner only, or so I was told...

I did my best to keep it clean & it worked a little, but I remember thinking (verbatim), "Glass top is suppose to be the easiest to keep clean... this is way too hard... something is not right!"

This was until my in-laws came to visit this month...
Knowing that we'd be busy during the visit, my mother-in-law had thoughtfully made several meals ahead of time & brought them. She also fully prepared them while here. This was a life-saver!! (Can I tell you how nice it is to be pampered by a mom?) While in the kitchen, Tim's mom asked if she could have a go at cleaning the stove. Having seen her spotless cooktop & desperately wanting a better solution, I quickly agreed! The major realization for me... Scratch Free Comet. Afterwards the stove was sparkling like it hadn't in years! In an added bonus, Tim's mom also noticed the over-the-oven light did not have a bulb. It burned out a long time ago, we took it out & never replaced it. Good news ~ Tim & his dad got a bulb that same day & there's *light* over the stove! This makes it way easier to keep clean! :o)

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