Sunday, May 18, 2008

Prince Sebastian Feral Cat

It's taken a while to muster the words for this post. It is, by far, the hardest I've ever had to write, but it's needs to be done & I think I'm as ready as I'll ever be...

Early Sunday morning, Sebastian passed away.

Saturday night I went to bed with my cuddle-bug-kitty nestled closely (as I did every night). He was his happy/normal self even minutes before, but in the middle of the night he let us know something was wrong... we got him to the VetER quickly, there weren't really options, but we had time to be with him, say goodbye & tell him everything we wanted. He was calm, dignified and surrounded by love the entire time!

Tim & I have been utterly devasted. Blindsided. Since then we've been taking time to collect ourselves & trying to keep busy. Everything seemed to harmonize in the time before... I am SO THANKFUL that I was able to spend the past year working from home. Having that freedom brought all of us such joy & allowed me and Tim to make the most of our time with each other and all the cats, but particularly our special guy... It seems so many things happened for a reason, and the best way possible, so we are extremely thankful and humbled. We were able to experience so much because of Sebastian & he's taught us so much along the way. We are hugely grateful that we were able to share his life & be there for him when he needed us!!

Sebastian let me take these pictures of him in the sun Saturday afternoon. Such an angel. The other kitties have been a wonderful comfort... Sam has taken to our room like Sebastian, Annabelle is our couch-cuddler, & Thomas has a permanent chair in the office with us. In all honesty, this post was very difficult to even consider confronting (hence the leave of absence), but we're in the process of healing & having a place to celebrate Sebastian fills my heart with complete bliss!

~ Timily and the Cat Crew
(who we always know is +1 Angel)

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