Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Nest: The Guest Bathroom

We got around to painting the guest bathroom before Tim's parents arrived. It's now a lovely shade of 'Cup of Cocoa.' I went solo to buy the paint. (I used to *extremely dislike* hardware stores... it took hours even if we were getting one thing. I've come to realize that if I go without Tim, however, my trip is much faster. In and out. They actually have some pretty cool stuff if you don't have to stare at it for hours!) After I got the paint mixed, I came across Frog Tape. The store had a sample display that was rather convincing so I took the bait & brought home Frog Tape instead of the regular painters' tape. Frog Tape supposedly has 'paintblock' technology although I'm not really sure what that means. The result? I was very impressed!! It sticks better & leaves cleaner lines! Next step... decor! :o)

Before Painting / After Painting


Anonymous said...

I like the color you picked for the guest bath!

Emily said...

Thank you, we're very happy with it too! :o) We were thinking about painting the same color in the master bath. It's a pretty good neutral!

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