Friday, April 4, 2008

Chapter 1: The Brown-Haired Boy

I moved into the dorms a week earlier than most students for Honors Orientation. Campus was deserted, except for Honors freshman & a few summer-stragglers. I was excited, scared, & a little sad... overall just a big jumble of emotions! My mom went with me & stayed for a better part of the week. I clung to her... insisting that she stay, but forbidding her from doing or saying ANYTHING. I really don't know how she put up with me, but at the time I was walking a fine line between gaining independence & needing her hand to hold.

While unloading the car on the first day, my mom & I heard the melody of a guitar from the courtyard below. Peaking over the third story balcony, I saw a slender brown-haired guy strumming away... completely oblivious to us. His lack of wide-eyed-awe lead me to believe he wasn't a freshman.

"You should go talk to him." my mom says.
"Mooommm!" I reply.

Over the next couple weeks, I adjusted to college. I was having the time of my life being on my own & didn't think much about the brown-haired boy. We were in the same circle of friends within the dorms, but with so many new faces around, we hardly ever crossed paths directly...

(to be continued)

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