Tuesday, February 5, 2008

If I were a country, this would be my flag...

While talking on the phone, I'm a chronic doodler. My hand is in constant, brainless action. This past weekend, I created this pictorial representation of myself. Let me explain...
  • The Cat (no, it's not a mouse...)
    A symbol of quiet, graceful strength. Cats have the patience to wait for ideal timing before making a surprise pounce on their prey. Notice this cat is level-headed... that means something.
  • Stars in the Eyes
    Represents just how out of this world my perspective is ~ out of the graphic design world, out of the advertising world, out of the teaching world, out of the real estate world. I have a fresh & unique perspective!
  • The Bow
    Represents my idealism.
  • The Necklace
    Represents love, which I hold close to my heart.
  • The Paintbrush
    The artist in me!
  • The Paint
    The paint is blended in the middle, this represents my adaptability. I can blend with any canvas!
  • The Acorn
    A symbol of my squirelliness... my ability to collect & hoard useful things. I'm also pretty darn clever.
  • The Clock
    Represents my punctual, steady presence. You can count on me!
  • The Brain under a Magnifying Glass
    Represents self-reflection & looking for meaning.
  • The Apple
    Represents compassion, patience, responsibility, flexibility, etc. All the things that teaching fine-tuned.

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