Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Soups. I love 'em.

During the gray days of winter, even when it's not that cold, I love a good bowl of soup... add a salad & a piece of fresh bread, and I'm in heaven!!

I've been on a roll lately... inspired by the potato soup my mom made before leaving town, I started with another pot of the potato (almost as good as the original!). Followed closely by the broccoli-cheese shown above. Both dubbed 'restaurant quality' by Tim!! Next I think I may have a hankering for some blackbean... a personal favorite!

On somewhat of a sidenote, I've also been experimenting with pureeing different veggies & adding them into dishes... the whole Sneaky Chef thing... I may not have anyone to be sneaky for, but at least we get a few extra servings of veggies a day. So far Tim hasn't been able to tell... or at least hasn't said anything. I really just winged it, but I used this as a starting point.

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Anonymous said...

Would you mind posting your broccoli & cheese soup recipe in your blog? It looks so yummy!

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