Tuesday, January 29, 2008

#90. VOTE!!

The Task: VOTE!!

Progress: I registered in my new county on
11/6/07 & received my card on 11/25/07. I've always been an absentee-ballot-voter (stemming back to when I was away at college but still registered at my permanent address). Elliot would request the absentee ballots for me & they would *magically* show up about a month before the election. How could I not vote?! It literally gave me no excuse. Now, however, that civic duty rests on my shoulders alone. And believe me, in my family, I feel the pressure - you're talking to the daughter of a man who might as well have have his local politicians on speed dial... his voice is heard that much! So after some prodding from my mom, I got around to requesting my absentee ballots on 01/26/08.... too late for the FL Primary :o(

This means that I still had to brave my local designated polling place today, something I try to avoid at all costs. I was finally confronted with one of those new-fangled touch screens. The good news is it wasn't that busy... & I'm already signed up for absentee ballots for every election through 2010 so I won't have to deal with this hassle again for a long, long time! Yea for absentee ballots!! Since everything is lined up for me to vote effortlessly in all upcoming elections, task considered complete.

You can see all the progress I've made on my '101 Things in 1001 Days' list here.

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