Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Fair, part 2

The fair is not all rides & games...
we checked out the plant section while we were there too!

Our friend Bobbie entered a bunch of plants to be judged.

She won several ribbons and 2 merits
(merits are equivalent to 'Best in Show' for each category).

Go Bobbie!!!

This plant is a 'Pitcher Plant' & it's related to the Venus Fly trap. It's a carnivorous plant that uses it's 'pitcher' design to trap liquid, which in turn attracts bugs. When the bugs fly in to get a drink...they get stuck! The bug is dissolved in the liquid & it's nutrients are absorbed by the plant. How fascinating!

This plant above won the merit for Bonsai trees.
The one below, however, is my personal favorite.

I don't think I had ever seen a pineapple still on the tree.

Update: Apparently I had some of these in my yard growing up & simply forgot...my mom reminded me! :o)

This lemon won a merit for Bobbie!

Tim & I got to watch these bananas grow
on the tree before they were cut...

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