Monday, October 1, 2007

What do you see?

Tim & I moved our room around last week. More on that later. For now, I want you to take a nice long look at this picture... what stands out to you?

Ok, I admit I'm a little neurotic, but ALL I see when I look at this picture is the *crazy* books on Tim's shelf (the one with the fish on top). How is it that my graphic designer husband just throws books on a shelf like this?

I never realized I had this 'problem' until we moved in together and unloaded our books. I carefully place mine in order by height, genre, & topic as I have *always* done (believe it or not it can be organized like this). Taller books on the outside of the shelf, and little books in the middle. This makes sense to me.

Tim unloaded his books and walked away. He says there's an order to it...genre....but it seems to me it could use a little more order. I have been able to tolerate it for the past 5 years because the bookshelves were across the room from one another. Now they are side by side. It drives me nuts! I offered to rearrange them for him, but I was declined. Apparently he really likes them the way they are.

My question to you... what does your bookshelf look like & would what would you say to someone who wanted to rearrange it? If my hypothesis is correct, bookshelves are uniquely personal to individuals... or we're just kooks!


Anonymous said...

I have but one thing to say. Choose your battles wisely! This is one you need to let go. The books are in the shelf in an orderly fashion. (Just not your order). MOM :)

Emily said...

Spoken very wisely!! :o)

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