Monday, October 8, 2007

Suddenly October

Did you know it is October? I seemed to have missed that memo. The humid weather and high temperatures made it easy to mentally continue August... all the way through September. *But* suddenly the air is cool, and the seasonal isle aisle is filled with plastic pumpkins and 'fun-sized' candy. I can't deny it anymore. The holidays approach.

For 6 months out of the year, Fall is my favorite time (that is, until Spring comes back around). I like the relief from the summer heat and the 'cold-enough-to-wear-a-sweater-but-not-too-cold' weather. Not to mention, my birthday follows shortly!!

In other places, this time of year brings fall foliage, apple-picking, pumpkin gathering, & hot cider drinking. All wonderful things. So far, I have not been lucky enough to experience any of these things this year, but the season is not over yet...

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